Featured Customer

My wife surprised me on a date by taking me here unexpectedly. She heard about Riverbottom Ice Cream on the radio. From the moment we walked in we had a phenomenal experience. Awesome wood work decor from @reclaimedwoodwork in Crystal Lake. Friendly greeting with a brief explanation of what they offer, coffee and ice cream. Our favorites! Bathroom was clean and roomy. Ice cream is homemade and they serve @ConsciousCupcoffee, who is also from Crystal Lake. Top to bottom, soup to nuts...just a fabulous new ice cream and coffee shop to visit. Check it out. (They did not pay me to write this and I am a real person, not a robot.)

Samples M

I really enjoyed this friendly family run restaurant. First of all the place was spotless. The staff was friendly and the ice cream delicious. My favorite was the butter pecan although the pistachio was a very close second. I had a cup of freshly made decaf that was totally worth the trip. They also had a specialty soda called Caleb's Kola in the case that was amazing! Riverbottom is definitely everything that can be hoped for when going out for an ice cream or a cup of coffee. They are kind helpful people, concerned about their customers experience, all the while providing an awesome fairly priced product.

Deanna B

There truly isn't another ice cream shop anywhere in the area with a homemade ice cream. There isn't a bad flavor in the house! Algonquin has aquired a gem with this business opening up downtown. You won't be disappointed!

Dori W-P

Happy Customers

Couldn't have picked a better place to stop for a coffee to warm up after a cold day hike. Both of our drinks were among the best we've ever had, and my husband is a coffee snob! Also great service! Highly recommend. Can't wait to come back soon for another drink or ice cream. Thanks!

Jillian H

Everything here is excellent. Keep an eye out for the pistachio!

Cameron L

The best ice cream ever! My granddaughter had coconut my grandson had cookies and cream and I had the coffee mocha. They were all 3 excellent , I think mine was the best! Great people great service awesome ice cream!!

Nancy P

The ice cream here is incredible! I had the butterfinger, cookie dough and cookies & cream, all delicious. I'm very sad that today was my first time trying this place out, so many missed opportunities. I can't wait to go back!

Bryanna L

Wow. Not sure how to tell you this is the best ice cream I've had, ever. But this is really the best ice cream I've ever had. If your looking for a nice way to cool down this summer. This place is it. It's got ice cream.


The best ice cream, ever! Salted Carmel Macadamian, Coffee Toffee and anything Chocolate....all the favors have been scrumptious. Get down there and give them a try.

Jan H

First of all, the people are sweet as pie. They always greet you with cheer. As for the ice cream, this place can't be beat. The flavor options are great and they bring in different flavors to go with the seasons. Keep and eye out for the apple pie ice cream in the fall. You will not regret that one. This place is a gem and I cannot wait to go back.

Tiffany M

Simply put.....yes, it IS that good! 5 of us each had different items and all had the same opinion. Seems you can't go wrong.

Greg H

We walked in after a visit to the park. Loved the ice cream! We had twix, cookie dough and regular vanilla. Super delicious and at a great price. The place was clean and just felt comfy. Really friendly people! We live in Lake in the hills and will be driving all the way over here for our ice cream

Rosalba GS

For many years we have been going down to the Clearwater area eating what we thought was the best homemade ice cream at Candy Kitchen. Nowhere that we have ever tried has come close to their freshly made homemade ice cream with the freshest ingredients and unique combinations..until we were lucky enough to have Riverbottom Café open in our hometown of Algonquin. While they do not have as many flavors as our favorites Florida ice cream place, the favors they do make are very delicious, unique and fresh right out of the churn tasting. Last time I was there they did not have Sundaes on the regular menu, and that was one of my suggestions for any reputable ice cream place to have a full menu of ice cream specialties. Not sure if they have taken my suggestion. It would also be nice for them to offer a few more flavors and to make sure that people know that they carry the traditional chocolate and vanilla because it is often hidden in the back. I would also suggest a simple small cookie with their malts and shakes like most ice cream parlors give you. It would be the perfect final touch along with their yummy homemade whip cream. I really like that they have the option of making your shake or malt with skim milk to cut down on some of the calories.The service is consistently friendly, and the owner will customize your ice cream. I love the rewards program. Overall this place deserves five stars, and we are so very happy that it is in our very own hometown of Algonquin .

Lisa S